Files for vinyl cutting must be supplied as vector/outline files i.e.: (EPS or Adobe Illustrator format), with all text converted to outlines.

PDF files may also be used if all text has been converted to outlines.

Do not supply Microsoft office files as these are not compatible with our vinyl cutting software.

Raster images/bitmap files (including .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd) cannot be used directly for vinyl graphics.

Please note that some complex images cannot be made into vinyl graphics or would be better suited to digital printing.

Please speak to one of our experienced sales staff for further information on how to supply your files if you are unsure.

Files may be supplied on flash drive, CD or DVD, Mac or PC. You can e-mail smaller files (up to 10MB) to our email address.

You also may want to consider a file transfer service such as: