Hot Laminating Films

Hot laminating films are run using heat to melt the laminate on to the print. They are normally applied double sided and have a seal around the edges (hence, commonly known as encapsulating). The material is polyester which is fairly rigid, so the finished product has some rigidity or body. Available in gloss, matt and as black backed.

Cold Laminating Films

Cold laminating films are pressure sensitive and are applied using pressure rollers rather then heat. They are most commonly made of PVC and are single sided. Many different finishes and properties are available in cold laminating films. We supply Cold Satin and Cold Gloss for general purpose laminating, Sandtex for scuff resistance and non-slip floor applications, Tedlar for anti grafity/UV and Super Gloss for high gloss applications.

Please consult laminating specification sheet for more details.

Laminating Films