We have the care and expertise to mount your valuable fine art print, even at very large sizes.
We offer Acrylics, Aluminium, Alupanel, Kapamount and Gatorboards for our fine art mounting.

Successful mounting of fine art prints starts with experience and at Emergent Designs, we have 30 years plus of experience in mounting, so you can be assured that your job is in safe hands. We check and clean each work thoroughly prior to mounting. We do all our fine art work in a dust and humidity-controlled environment using the best archival quality boards to give you the confidence in a perfect finish each time.

We recommend Acrylics, Aluminium, Alupanel and Museum Board for archival mounting of fine art. All these boards are inert, stable and acid free. Acrylics will give you a super smooth finish, while Aluminium is very strong and flat. Alupanel is a composite material with a poly core and aluminium skin. It has all the archival properties of aluminium but is lighter because of the poly core. Museum Board is an archival card and doesn’t have a lot of strength but is fine for smaller works.

Gatorboards and Kapamount are also very good boards for mounting fine art. They are not fully archival but is good for most jobs. Both Gatorboards and Kapamount are high tech foamboards which means they are light, strong and stable to heat and humidity. Gatorboard has a hard skin and is very strong, Kapamount has a smoother skin for gloss prints. Both Gator and Kapa is excellent as a premium framing backing.

We do not recommend laminating your fine art as the laminate will change the appearance of your work and introduce a layer which can age and deteriorate. If you wish to laminate, we recommend the super gloss laminate which is stable and has UV protection. We can also apply a protective spray lacquer specifically designed for fine art prints.