We have a great range of simple wood frames that will look fantastic with your prints.

Our simple wood frames look great, are inexpensive and easy to match to almost any applications. The frame moulding is kept geometric and simple and we recommend a mat board to separate your print from the glazing.

We stock simple wood frames in black, white, walnut, beech and charcoal and in widths of 20, 30 and 40 mm. Please refer to catalogue for details.

We back our frames with acid free foamboard to keep weight at a minimum and mount down all framed prints to give you a flat professional look. If you don’t want your print mounted, please let us know. For larger works or where you want a better quality, we recommend using Gatorboard or Kapamount as your backing. These are high tech foamboards that are stronger than normal foamboard but just as light. The Kapamount is smoother for high gloss prints and the Gatorboard has a harder surface for strength.

We glaze our frames in glass or acrylic. Acrylic is more expensive but is lighter than glass and will not shatter. We also have a range of non-reflective and UV protective glazing – please see section on glazing.

We attach D Ring and wire for hanging small frames and double D Ring or set of security brackets for larger frames. Please see section on hangers for more information.