We have a range of white and coloured matboards to match any image.
We also do super-sized mats up to 2642 x 1524 mm.

Matboards are an integral part of your frame. They complement and form part of the visual design adding colour options, depth, spacing and with a computerised system, we can create any shape and cut to your custom designs. Matboards also serve to separate your artwork from the frame and glazing, buffering it with an acid free layer to help preserve your precious artwork from moisture and chemical actions.

Emergent Designs uses the latest Gunnar computerised technology to create matboards of great precision and to any design. This machine will cut mats up to 1.5m. We also have an Esko that can cut mats up to 3m. We stock jumbo matboards up to 2642mm x 1524mm.

Please see the accompanying PDF for the available matboard colours.