Our standard framing offers 2mm glass or 3mm acrylic of the highest quality.
Other options include 4.5mm acrylic, non-reflective glass and museum glass.

Glazing is a very important part of framing. It protects your valuable artwork from handling, dust, moisture and ultra violet light (UV). Our standard offering is 2mm glass and 3mm acrylic, but we have a range of options for those frames needing special glazing.

Standard glass is inexpensive and will protect your artwork from scratching and dust but is relatively heavy, not UV protective and is reflective. It is also prone to shatter when dropped.

Acrylic is a good option for frames as its lighter then glass and doesn’t shatter. This is particularly important if you intend shipping your frames. One disadvantage is that acrylics scratches easier then glass, though minor scratches can be buffed out. Emergent Designs only uses Shinkolite acrylics by Mitsubishi, which is of exceptional quality because of its clarity, flatness and freedom from blemishes. It also has 70% UV protection.

UV Acrylics provide 99% UV protection and its an option to consider if you want that extra protection and longevity for your prints.

Tru Vue glass is a non-reflective glazing we recommend. It has true non-reflective properties with no distortion, hazing or tinting. Your art will look great and you will hardly notice the glazing. Tru Vue glass also provides 70% UV protection.

Museum glass is the premium glazing – it is non-reflective with no distortion, hazing or tinting and offers 99% UV protection. Museum glass is expensive but consider this option for artwork of high value.

Museum acrylics offer the shatter resistance of acrylics, is a true non-reflective and offers 99% UV protection. Museum acrylics are very expensive, but in some applications, it’s the product of choice.