Box frames provide a great visual dept and substance to your artwork. Artwork can be set to the front or the back to create differing looks.

Box frames have deep sides to create a substantial 3D or box frame. They have great presence because of the 3D relief and look especially good with large and very large works. Your artwork can be set to the front of the frame or the back of the frame with spacers (these are also called shadow box frames). We generally recommend spacers for our box frames as this version looks the best and the separation of your print from the glazing is important for longevity.

Box frames look great with photography and artwork. They also work very well with floated images either on the backing or away from backing. We can also frame Jerseys and 3D objects in our box frames.

Box frames come in all our standard colours and range in depth from 30mm to 65mm. Spacers are generally white with black as an option. We can also create custom spacers to match your frame or image.