This is an Emergent Designs initiative for the handling of artwork during the COVID emergency.

This sticker will appear on all artwork going out from Emergent Designs as of the 14th April. It is your assurance from us that your artwork has only been touched by gloved or sanitized hands and that any packing material has been stored in our sanitized warehouse for at least 3 days prior to use.
We will bubble wrap all our finished jobs and this sticker will be on the bubble wrap.
If you are getting your artwork delivered by courier, there will be an additional external shell of cardboard packaging added to protect artwork from external environment.
We recommend you do not bring this pack into your house – unpack it outside or in your garage, handle external packaging as little as possible and sanitise your hands afterwards.
Dispose of the external packaging into recycle bin for cardboard or store for 3 days in a clean spot if you would like to reuse it. The bubble wrapped artwork with our sticker is safe to handle and bring into your house.
Enjoy your artwork.
Emergent Designs Management